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DiSCOVER NESBIT is our “New to Nesbit” Class

Our Discover Nesbit class meets about once a month.  It is the chance for anyone that is new to Nesbit, new to church, or just sorting through things.  There is no commitment to membership by attending this class.  It is an informal, relaxed chance for you and your family to get to know our church family, our beliefs, our hopes and expectations, and hopefully understand why our God, His scriptures, and our church family mean so much to us.

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As a new believer, we want to encourage you to follow Christ and be obedient to him.  All through scripture we see baptism communicated as a first step of obedience after beginning a relationship with Jesus.  We believe in baptism by submersion.  We believe it’s an act of believers to identify themselves with the call Jesus has placed on their life. In accordance with scripture we feel that it is our responsibility in making disciples to baptize them, in the name of Jesus. 

This is also a chance for you as a new believer to join our church in membership. 

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Whether you’re a new believer or a long term follower, you need friends, you need accountability, and you need fellowship around scripture.  This is what Sunday School is about.  It’s a more intimate group in which you can be honest, you can ask questions, and you can each learn more about the person and people in which God has created.  To not participate in a group like this is to really miss out on a special opportunity that God has established.  We have a fantastic selection of classes with awesome teachers. 



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