When you’re a part of Nesbit, you’re a part of our family. We seek for each member of our family to be understanding and equipped for the life that is most pleasing to God. We’re not perfect, but we seek to be authentic. Come meet us, worship, serve, and laugh with us.

We are Nesbit. We are Family.



We would love to have you visit our church family. 

We understand that visiting a church can be an incredibly difficult thing.  We hope to do everything we can do to make that easier on you and your family!

     At the time of your visit, we will welcome you with open arms (probably for a hug) and help you find a seat.  We will offer you the opportunity to provide us with your information.  We assure you we won’t track you down to ask 100 questions!  We do want to know of your interest in church as well as how we can specifically pray for you.

     If you would like to let us know of your interest or let us know you’ll be visiting, Feel free to fill out this form (to the left).  We promise to not add awkwardness to an already tough time of finding a church home!

     If you have children that plan on attending our Sunday School or Kid’s worship, you can find our children’s building at the back of the breezeway on the south side of our Sanctuary.  When you bring your child in, you can rest assure that our staff and our check-in system will keep them both safe and happy during their time in our care.

Family Members

What is means to be a member:

We like the term family member.  I was once asked with great hesitancy, “so you have to vote whether or not I can be a part of your church”.  While that, in a sense, is true- it is framed with the wrong mindset.  Church membership doesn’t equate with that of a country club or a gym.  It’s not something that requires dues or conforming to a set of standards.  Within your family tree there are folks that might stray, those that you consider ‘odd’, and those that you can’t get enough time with.  Speaking honestly, that’s more like church membership.  We are family.  We are all different, but we carry the torch of our church family with pride.  It is not of our own doing, but we find ourselves rallied around the common cause of Christ.  Church membership is simply a step to say:

” I have been changed by the Power of Christ and I stand next to those that have experienced the same transformation; so that we can rejoice in that and collectively support one another and encourage others”.

Membership is not at all about exclusion.  It’s about including all who wish to be a part of proclaiming the truths that we proclaim within the brotherhood that Christ has ordained, the Church. For the sake of unity and clarity, we do vote.  This vote is simply our family members witnessing the fact that those seeking membership are like-minded in their pursuit of God and have pure intentions in joining our family. If you have further questions, please do ask!

How to be a part:

How to Take Part:

As a New Believer-

One way of joining our family is by proclaiming Christ as your savior for the first time ever and wishing to call our family your own.  This is unashamedly our favorite process because it is a chance to witness God changing a life and solidifying their opportunity to join His eternal family.  As Matthew 28:19-20 describes, baptism is the opportunity for a believer to (out of obedience to scripture) show friends and family that they are not ashamed of the power of Christ.  That is why we consider a new believer’s baptism the moment when we officially welcome them into our local church family.

Transfer of Letter:

A transfer of your letter is the formal way of saying, you’re currently an active member at another Southern Baptist Church, but wish to worship with our family and participate in the ministry that happens within our family.  We certainly do not wish to entice members of other congregations, but welcome those that sincerely find a need/desire to move their membership to our local church family.

By Statement:

Joining by statement is for those who have formerly actively participated in another church family (including having been baptized) with like-minded beliefs and doctrine, yet is not formally a member of the Southern Baptist Convention.  

We don’t ever want to leave room for misunderstanding. If you run across anything you have questions about while discovering our church family, please reach out to us with your questions.